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Upcoming Korean Movie!

Kiss Me, Kill Me (2009)

Okay Halloween is waaaay over so I'm updating on the regular now. I'm really late in talking about this movie, but then again it isn't exactly something everyone will be marking on the calender. The title is "Kiss Me, Kill Me" and stars Kang Hye Jung playing another raving eccentric (getting a little one note) and Shin Hyun Jun. What got me interested were the absolutely beaaautiful posters (all guns need to be hot pinkkuu naow), now I haven't seen Korea do posters look that great in awhile, then...I saw the trailer. It's clear it's not trying to be a second coming of amazing but hey what's Korean cinema without their abundance of cutesy romantic comedies that I haven't seen in some time.


A hitman (Shin Hyun Jun) is unknowingly hired to assist in the suicide of a lonely woman (Kang Hye Jun) who had recently ended her relationship of seven years. Through the ways of Korean romance they somehow end up a couple themselves and spring a Hitman/suicidal shrew RABU as if you hadn't guessed. ;D



ain't gonna lie, I lol'ed when she hits the hospital tray...

Tags: 2009, comedy, fresh out the easy-bake, kang hye jung, korea, romance, shin hyun jun
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