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South Korea - "A Tale of Two Sisters - Horror

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Edition ;
Tartan Asia Extreme Region 1 - Standard Keep Case

Taking a break some golden oldies and capped Kim Ji Woon's horror masterpiece "A Tale of Two Sisters" from 2003, a very good year for Korean film. The film is one of the few good horror films Korea has produced in the last few years, which is obvious as Kim Ji woon adapts to every genre there is and never fails, now that is what I call some serious skillz. For some chilling moments with beautiful cinematography, a great soundtrack and the most amazing display of wallpaper evarrr, look no further :D

oooohhhhhhhh that remake........ooommggggggg

DVD Photo's ;

Tags: a tale of two sisters, horror, kim ji woon, screencaps.korean
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