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Halloween Mini Review - Paranormal Activity

Mini Review

Okay so just finished watching "Paranormal Activity" in some mighty fine company tonight. The film itself is stirring alot of attention as being the scariest film in recent yeas, and I'd certainly agree. I can honestly say I was finally scared by a film again. There are plenty of chilling moments through out the movie and although there will be a billion Blair Witch Project comparisons it stands on it's own for me. It's really refreshing to take a break from all the over budgeted horror gore fest's sequels/remakes starring some boring actor doing a terrible job with CGI everyhere. Finally we see some care and thought put into the way they scare you and it pays off.

That's not to say it was a total masterpiece either. There is a lot of time spent on random babel and the actors, particularity the actress, do tend to ham it up too much and their ability to improvise blows as they never really finish any thoughts (WE GET IT KATIE YOU DON'T LIKE THE OUIJA BOARD JAYSUS). The ending is another story, I've seen both and neither really work for me, I dunno just, BURRRRPPPP. In the end there may be hope yet for horror, who knows?

3.5 attic demons / 5

I was going to go higher as it was soooooooooo much better then most horror films, but at the same time isn't enough, and if I see one more ill-fitting tank top I might kill myself :)

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